Archway development and instalation

Purchasing an Archway is a significant financial and personal investment. That is why you need to take care of the archway with annual or semi annual maintenance.

Maintenance is simple, re staining the entire archway and re treating the base of the archway will guarantee to extend the life of the archway. 

We do maintenance packages for new and existing archways. We also do restoration packages for neglected archways.

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ground sign

Hanging archway sign

Restoration process in action.

Restoration and up keep of an archway

There are many time consuming and intricate steps to creating a personalized archway for each customer. Ever log is hand picked directly off the mountains, and  paired up with a mate with similar characteristics and size.

We then proceed to measure, cut and hand peel every log to the specifications needed for the individual archway.  Once the logs are roughed in and they pass our quality control tests, we hand sand every log and begin the secondary phase to see if the logs compliment each other. (size, shape, color and amount of character)

We then fit them together using a series of precision cuts.

Each archway side comes pre assembled to the job site, including a copper napthinate treatment on the base of the archway to prevent rot and insect damage. This special treatment is a time consuming but very important step in the creation of the structure, it ensures the longevity of the archway with proper care.